Have you ever heard or seen those radio or TV ads where a company has a unique and easy-to-remember phone number that seems to match their company’s brand or service?

Is it simply the luck of the draw that a home construction company has an 800 number like 1-800-CONSTRUCT, or that the Hotel 8 chain´s number is conveniently (800) 800-8000?

Far from being simple luck or chance, these types of phone numbers are known as vanity phone numbers. Many companies, from huge international corporations to small, local businesses invest in a vanity phone number as a tried and true strategy to attract new customers, improve their existing customer retention rate, and improve their sales conversion rate.

Below, we offer a complete explanation of how vanity phone numbers work, and why your brand should consider using Mumber to find the best vanity phone number for your business.

What Exactly is a Vanity Phone Number?

A vanity phone number is an easily remembered sequence of numbers used as either a local or toll-free telephone number. The main reason for subscribing to a vanity phone number is to help potential customers and clients remember the business phone number – and be more likely to call it when they need it.

A vanity number can drastically improve the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. For traditional advertising channels such as radio and TV ads, a vanity phone number makes it much easier for customers to recall the number of the company.

Even if the potential client is driving through heavy traffic after a stressful day of work, hearing a vanity phone number on a radio ad will be easy to remember. In many cases, vanity phone numbers are designed as “phone words” wherein the phone number corresponds to words on the numeric pad (the example of 1-800-CONSTRUCT for a building company).

In other cases, all-numeric vanity phone numbers are used, such as the (800) 800-8000 number for the Super 8 Hotel Chain.


Vanity Phone Number Examples

Some examples of an effective vanity phone number  include:

  •   800-Giant-Men: This number is for a national moving company.
  •   800-Virus-No: This number was used by the McAfee anti-virus product.
  •   800-Junk-USA: If you need a junk-hauling service, this number will certainly be easy to remember.
  •   800-905-Geek: Almost everyone has heard of the “Geek Squad” from Best Buy. This company uses the Geek moniker to help people remember their number for their computer and IT needs.
  •   800 Go FedEx: This number is self-explanatory and easy to remember.
  •   800-RU-Mouse: This vanity phone number, used by Mouse Systems Corp., uses a catchy vanity number that is perfect for their marketing purposes.
  •   800-Dog-Poop: Sometimes a little humor can go a long way in helping your customers remember your name. Is there a better number for a dog poop-scooping business?
    ·   800-IGo-HoJo: This number used to be used by the Howard Johnson hotel business for national reservations.



How Do I Get a Vanity Phone Number?

If your business could use some extra marketing power, a vanity phone number might be a great way to increase your business call volumes, improve brand awareness, boost the credibility of your business, expand into new markets, and even manage your business on-the-go.

When doing a vanity number search, however, it is extremely important to choose the vanity phone number option that is best for your business or brand. Here at Mumber, we have years of experience in helping brands create a memorable phone number that your prospective customers and clients will remember.

We also make it easy for all types of businesses to incorporate their vanity number into social media marketing campaigns and traditional marketing channels.


Mumber’s Memorable Numbers

We have over 20,000 premium vanity phone numbers for your business to choose from, including local and toll-free numbers, depending on how your business operates and where you will be marketing. We also offer an interactive map and search tool that allows your business to search for the available vanity numbers that are available through filters such as:

  •   phone number
  •   area code
  •   keyword
  •   state
  •   city



Choose Your Vanity Number with Mumber!

Our team will get your new vanity phone number up and running in 48 hours or less, and our excellent call forwarding service will also capture and forward all calls to your business’s previous number.

Our creative marketing team will offer your brand strategic guidance on how you can best leverage the advantages that come with your new vanity number. We are proud to offer different, affordable pricing plans for our clients, depending on your needs.

To learn more about how Mumber can help take your brand’s marketing campaigns to a new level and increase customer engagement, you can contact us today by filling out this form or by giving us a call at (716) 777-7777.  

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