Vanity phone numbers, which are custom phone numbers designed to be memorable, can do wonders for your business’s marketing efforts. If customers can recall your phone number quickly, they will be more likely to call you than competitors when they’re in need of your expertise.  

These numbers either spell out words (as in 1-800-FLOWERS) or are a simple combination of numbers (as in 700-7777). But what can you do if the perfect vanity number for your brand is already taken?   

Here we will discuss a few methods for finding a good vanity number that suits your business when the perfect number has already been taken. Then, we tell you why Mumber is the ideal choice for brands looking to creatively weave their new vanity number into their slogan and marketing efforts.  

Start By Brainstorming Multiple Vanity Phone Numbers   

Maybe you spent a lot of time optimizing your custom phone number or perhaps you haven’t started brainstorming yet. Regardless, it’s best to start by brainstorming several alternate vanity phone numbers in case your first choice is taken. This method also ensures that you don’t become overly attached to a custom phone number.  

Here are a few things to consider when brainstorming:   

  • Focus on your target market. By understanding your audience and their interests, you can maximize the memorability of your vanity phone numbers as you brainstorm.  
  • Focus on simplicity and memorability. Choose phrases or words that are easy to spell (the best words and phrases contain more than one of the same letter or different letters which refer to the same number). Also, it would be best if you tried to incorporate the name or benefit of your company into the words or phrases.  
  • Don’t use hybrid numbers. Rather than selecting a combination of letters and numbers (like 1-800-say-wow1), choose all numbers or all letters (as in 1-800-say-love or 1-800-800-8000).  
  • Iterate, iterate, iterate. Memorable vanity phone numbers are competitive, and many are already taken. So, create variations of different phrases and prefixes when brainstorming.   

Below, we discuss three ways you can iterate your vanity phone number to find one that is both available and an excellent fit for your brand.  

  1. Consider Toll-Free Prefixes and Local Area Codes 

If the perfect, easy-to-remember phrase for your brand’s vanity phone number is already taken, fear not. There are a few easy ways to iterate the number without sacrificing that perfect phrase.   

  • Consider alternate toll-free prefixes. Since 800 numbers are in high demand, you might have better luck searching for other toll-free prefixes, like 855, 866, 877, etc.   
  • Consider using a local vanity number. Consider using a local area code rather than a toll-free prefix if your business only serves customers in a specific area, especially if the 800 number with your chosen phrase is already taken. This can be an easy route to ensuring customers don’t misdial your number. (Tip: At Mumber, you can pick between toll-free prefixes and local area codes without having to scroll to a new site).  

Though 800 numbers seem more prestigious and possibly easier to recall, your number won’t lose value if you can make alternate prefixes sound catchy or even rhyme when combined with your chosen phrase.  

  1. Consider Using More Numbers in Your Custom Phone Number 

Did you know that vanity phone numbers can consist of more than the prefix plus seven numbers? This creative route to finding an available vanity number is perfect for those unwilling to sacrifice the 800 prefix or their local area code.  

It’s also a terrific option for those who find their brand better communicated through longer phrases.   

  1. If the Perfect Vanity Number Is Taken, Keep Checking It Over Time

Let’s say the perfect vanity number for your brand is already taken, and you can’t sacrifice the 800 number or local area code. Then, use your second favorite vanity number and keep checking up on your first favorite vanity number regularly over time to see if it becomes available. While some businesses may close and give up the number, others change vanity numbers all the time.   

Once a vanity number becomes available, it’s free for the taking. Make sure you check up on it regularly to prevent competitors from swiping it.  

Choose Mumber for Vanity Number Searching and Marketing  

In today’s competitive business landscape, not only do you need a memorable vanity phone number, but you also need to make sure the number aligns with your slogan and marketing efforts.  

With Mumber, you can:  

  • Search a wide range of vanity phone numbers (from local area codes to toll-free prefixes) until you find your ideal match.  
  • Keep tabs on taken numbers.  
  • Get help with crafting a slogan for your advertising efforts that is catchy and increases the memorability of your vanity phone number.  

What are you waiting for? Contact Mumber or start browsing our vanity numbers today. 


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