A vanity phone number has been shown to be one of the absolute best tools to help brands connect with their customers and drastically improve the recall rates of potential clients.

In this short article, we briefly explain what is a vanity phone number and a few of the business advantages that come with having a vanity phone number. We then explain why Mumber is the best company to help your business find the best vanity phone number for your brand.

What is a Vanity Phone Number?

A vanity phone number is a custom-made set of numbers that either spells out a word or is easily memorable by your potential customers and clients. For example, a flower company might consider using 1-800-FLOWERS as their business number, wherein the letters are spelled out using the numbers on the telephone keypad. Another example is a business utilizing a local repeater pattern like 444-4444 or 888-8000.

For customers who hear a radio spot or come across an ad while scrolling through their social media accounts, these type of vanity phone numbers will be extremely easy to remember, thus increasing the potential for a sale.

Various studies have confirmed that vanity phone numbers are a vital tool in helping to attract new customers, improve your customer retention rate, and turn social media advertising into valuable sales conversions. One recent study found that businesses could expect an 84 percent improvement in recall rates for vanity numbers versus numeric phone numbers when shown on TV, billboards, and in print.

Around 65 percent of respondents to a recent survey were able to correctly recall the vanity number when featured in a visual advertisement, and almost three-quarters (72 percent) correctly recalled the vanity number after hearing one 30-second radio advertisement.

How To Get a Vanity Phone Number

Given these obvious advantages, obtaining a vanity phone number should be a priority for every type of business that is actively trying to generate customer calls via traditional advertising or social media publicity campaigns.

However, finding the best vanity phone number that is appropriate to your brand and your targeted consumer audience should be a number one priority.

With Mumber, we can help you tie your brand to a memorable phone number that your prospective customers and clients will remember. When your clients remember your phone number, it drastically increases the possibility of them remembering your business first, before ever turning to Google.

Mumber makes it easy for all types of businesses to incorporate their vanity number into social media marketing campaigns. By using a vanity phone number that is tied to your social media and other types of marketing, your business will significantly improve the effectiveness of your advertising by generating a greater response.

Get A Memorable Business Number with Mumber

Here at Mumber, we have over 20,000 premium vanity phone numbers for you to choose from. We can help you decide between a local or toll-free number, depending on how your business manages calls and where you will be marketing. We also offer an interactive map and search tool that allows your business to search for the available vanity numbers that are available through filters such as phone number, area code, keyword, state, or city.

Our team will get your new vanity phone number up and running in 48 hours or less, and our excellent call forwarding service will also capture and forward all calls to your business´s previous number. Our creative marketing team will also offer your brand strategic guidance on how you can best leverage the advantages that come with your new vanity number.

So how much does a vanity phone number cost? Pricing is based upon pattern strength and area code availability. We have options available for any budget.

To learn more about how Mumber can help take your brands marketing campaigns to a new level and increase customer engagement, you can contact us today by filling out this form or by giving us a call at (716) 777-7777 (see how easy that was to remember?)

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