Are you looking for a way to make your business stand out from the competition?  

A vanity phone number might be just the ticket.  

Having a unique phone number helps enhance your brand’s recognition in today’s competitive business environment.  

Choose a memorable vanity phone number  

A vanity phone number helps clients remember it by spelling out a word or phrase. Or pick a number with an easy to remember pattern like 444-4444. Choose a vanity number applicable to your company and simple to remember.  

For example, a florist might use the vanity number 1-800-FLOWERS. 

Check availability and reserve your number  

Before trying to reserve a vanity phone number, check its availability. You can do this through the Federal Communications Commission’s website or by contacting a vanity phone number provider such as Mumber.  

Once you’ve found an available number, reserve it so it’s not taken by another business. 

Example of a vanity number for business 

Joe, a local plumber, decided to invest in a vanity phone number for his business.  

He chose the number 1-800-PLUMBER. This helped Joe’s business stand out from the competition and led to a significant increase in new-customer calls. 

Leverage your vanity number in marketing materials  

Make sure to mention your vanity phone number in all your marketing materials. This might include advertising, your website, business cards, and social media accounts.  

Customers are more likely to remember your phone number and call your company if you use your vanity number frequently. 

Mumber for your memorable number 

Licensing a vanity phone number for your company is a wise marketing move that helps you differentiate yourself from the competition, increase brand recognition, and generate calls and leads.  

Are you prepared to locate the ideal unique phone number for your company? Mumber is dedicated to helping you secure the best vanity phone number for your business needs.  

Visit our website or give us a call, at (716) 777-7777, to get started today! 

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