Are you starting a new business or looking to revamp a business that you have already established? Consider purchasing a unique, custom phone number to make your business stand out. Vanity numbers are easy to remember, helping customers associate your business with your phone number. Let Mumber provide you some tips on choosing your vanity phone number, so you can begin to benefit from this unique marketing strategy. 

1.) Choose a Memorable Sequence 

When selecting a vanity number, think of a sequence that customers will easily remember. For instance, if you own a bakery, 1-800-YUMMIES would be easy to remember for your customers. 

2.) Make it Relevant 

A vanity phone number should be relevant to your business as it helps customers associate your business with the product or service you offer. When customers hear or see your vanity number, they should immediately understand what your business does or what it offers. For instance, if you own a dog grooming service, 1-888-PET-WASH would be a great choice, as it clearly communicates the nature of your business. 

Having a relevant vanity number can also increase brand recognition, customer engagement, and overall business success.  

3.) Be Creative 

Is the number you want already taken? Get creative! Start by creating a comprehensive list of relevant terms associated with your business, and use it to approach your search from a different perspective.  

With Mumber you can search a wide range of numbers until you find an ideal match. You can also get help from our team to craft a slogan to incorporate into your number. Your vanity number should reflect your brand, so get creative with your wording! 

4.) Check Availability 

Once you’ve decided on a vanity number, make sure it’s available. Check with your phone service provider or contact a vanity phone number marketing company like Mumber to find out if your chosen number is available. 

5.) Keep it Simple 

Keeping a vanity phone number simple is important as it makes it easier for customers to remember and dial. Customers are more likely to remember a simple phone number that is easy to spell and pronounce. When choosing a vanity phone number, it’s important to keep in mind that the goal is to make it easy for customers to remember and associate with your brand. A simple, straightforward vanity number will help achieve that goal and increase the chances of customers contacting your business. This can be achieved by simply using a repeating number such as, (716) 777-7777. 

John’s Memorable Pizzeria Phone Number  

John owns a pizza restaurant in Chicago and wanted to promote his business with a vanity phone number. Using 312-CHI-PIZA as his vanity number, which is easy to remember and relevant to his business location, is a great option. Customers in Chicago can easily associate the number with his business and place orders quickly. 

Need Help Choosing Your Vanity Number? 

Contact Mumber for assistance in choosing your perfect vanity number. We will help to ensure you choose a memorable and relevant sequence, get creative with your wording, keep it simple, and check availability. Mumber will help you to select a vanity number that will help your business stand out and grow. Call today! (716) 777-7777 

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